80W Semi-Pro Multi-Format Karaoke Package (Freq: A, B)

80W Semi-Pro Multi-Format Karaoke Package (Freq: A, B)
Description: 80W Semi-Pro Multi-Format Karaoke Package (Freq: A, B)
Manuf: Vocopro
Weight: 42 Lbs.

Price: $549.99

Features and Specifications

Package includes:


With so many different disc formats available today, you need a multi-format system. As always, Vocopro delivers! Combining the DUET, our best sounding and best selling 80 watt semi-pro system, with our popular multiformat player, the new DVD-DUET is able to play almost any disc format. You'll be able to sing along with your collection of CDG, MP3 compilations, or output DVDs to a video monitor. You can even do a slideshow of JPEG photos.

The top quality DVD drive is so shock resistant that the DVD-DUET can be played in moving cars, RVs, planes and boats (110 or 240V AC adaptor required) without skipping! As always, there is a 12-step Digital Key Controller, which changes the key of background music from any disc to match the natural range of your voice so you can sound like the pros. The five-band graphic equalizer enables you to fine tune the tone to fit anyone's taste.

We've included two professional mics, and two microphone inputs each having separate volume controls. So you can sing duets with a perfect mix. The dual cassette deck makes recording your performances or dubbing from one deck to the other simple, and you can use the cassettes, AM/FM tuner and disc player just like any stereo system.

The four 2-way speakers provide a quality stereo sound big enough for most Karaoke parties, but VocoPro left you room for expansion, too. Want more power for your party? Just use the pre-out jacks to connect to an external system and rock the house with all the features of the DVD-DUET. All you need is the passion for Karaoke and a television to get started.

*Multi-format player may not support "made to order" discs


Protecting disc players from dust and other contaminants during transport and storage will help to ensure the player functions properly. This durable carrying bag will do just that. Designed specifically to fit the DUET series and RAVE systems, you can count on the sturdy nylon construction to resist the wear and tear of transport.


Frequency Sets:

Need the freedom from cables that a wireless system provides but tired of constantly replacing batteries? Then the VHF-3308 is your answer, delivering fully rechargeable dual wireless microphones. The best part is how simple it is to recharge the batteries, and the bonus is the money and waste you'll save by going rechargeable. Just setting each mic in the terminal on top of the receiver while not in use is all you'll need to do to prepare the VHF-3308 for your next performance. It's that easy?no additional connections to worry about. VocoPro was the first to offer a rechargeable system that charges from its own receiver stand and we?ve done it again with amazingly affordable VHF-3308. Who says you have to pay top dollar to enjoy the best? Go with the Pros. Go with VocoPro!

Rear Panel Connections:

*Charging non-rechargeable batteries can cause the batteries to explode and may damage the system

** One 1/4" microphone cable provided in the box

WS5 Windscreens

Use these windscreens on your microphones to help prevent unwanted wind noise, hissing and popping. The color coding is handy for quickly determining which singer is on which channel.


80W Semi-Pro Multi-Format Karaoke Package (Freq: A, B)