Professional Powered Karaoke / Vocal Speakers

Professional Powered Karaoke / Vocal Speakers
Description: Professional Powered Karaoke / Vocal Speakers
Manuf: VocoPro
Weight: 69 Lbs.

Price: $409.99

Features and Specifications

Powered speakers have been the go-to choice for PA equipment upgrades in every situation that might call for additional sound. VocoPro's newest PV-400 has been designed to get the best sound out of both speaker and amp. They're the same form factor as our popular SV-400 passive speakers but with a 400W Max power amplifier built-in. With this addition, it is a snap to connect directly to mixers or other portable units that needs extra sound. The available input and output jacks provide the flexibility to patch in any music source and to pipe that audio to as many PV-400 sets as your show requires. Bring your vocals to life with the powerful PV-400 from VocoPro!

Rear Panel Connections:

PV400 Large Photo

Professional Powered Karaoke / Vocal Speakers